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Large Thin Porcelain Slabs Are Setting A Trend

Large format thin porcelain tile is changing the way homeowners create their living spaces. Created with the latest technical advances, a large tile slab is an ideal way to create a rich, seamless look in your bathroom and beyond!  Measuring only 3mm thick, thin...

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Kitchen Trends are here to Stay.

More and more you see that the style for kitchens is minimalist modern themes. Current Trends Include: Stylish bright countertops, made out of granite, quartz, or marble. Sleek Open Island designs to compliment the main kitchen area. Glass Backsplashes are a growing...

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Is Your Coutertop Resin Treated?

It's a good question to ask when shopping for your next counter top and here’s why. Granite and generally stone counter tops can come either with a resin coasted treatment or without one. Resin treatment is usually an epoxy or polyester binding adhesive that is fused...

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The Many Ways to Use Granite around the House

Granite as we all know is a strong, beautiful, long lasting stone that has been a decorative staple for many uses. So let’s take a moment and see all the ways we can use it around the home. 1.Kitchen Counter-tops – Granite allows you to easily chop, dice, and prepare...

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Why Granite is Still King!

Granite countertops have been around as the high end countertop and tile solution for decades. The question is... are you getting what you pay for? The answer is yes and here is why: 1. Incredibly Strong and Dense Although granite is not unbreakable, it is one of the...

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How To Repair A Chip On A Granite Countertop

Oops! You've chipped your granite kitchen countertop. Now what? Do you call in someone to repair it or just do-it-yourself? Calling a professional in can be costly and replacing the entire countertop even more so. Here is a step-by-step process to do it yourself that...

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Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Travertine Countertop

So you've heard the term travertine used when talking about kitchen countertops and floor tiles, but what exactly is it? Travertine is a specific type of stone that looks quite like marble. It is very porous and is formed in hot springs and/or limestone caves. One of...

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Granite Buying Tips

When buying granite there are a few things to know and consider to enhance your buying experience. The characteristics of the granite affects the costs. Granites that are more rare with more bold colors, and densities will cause costs to vary. Costs are also...

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March Stone Of The Month: Quartz Mocha Brown

March is here and that means a new stone of the month at Granite Surfaces! Our stone this month is Quartz Mocha Brown. It will be on sale for the month of March for $59/sq. ft. while supplies last. Call Granite Surfaces (732) 627-9200 or stop by for more information....

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